Saturday, 17 April 2010

Mono for the Iphone

While searching for a c# open source project to work on on the mono website, I found mono touch, a framework that allows .net developers to interact with the iphone dev API. meaning .net pips can design apps for the iphone and ipad, how cool is that?!!!

It can be found here, the only downside is that its not free... who said the best things in life are free..

I do not like Steve jobs' business model of select few marketing, especially with the iphone, its unbelievable that its still not been officially released in many many countries, why make a great product and restrict access to that product?? there's also the tight grip on software released for the iphone, don't even get me started on that..

Anyway the iphone is a great gadget/platform and many many .net developers (me inclusive) would love to get in on the action without having to code objective C; the iphone's dev language.

I will play around with monotouch and post findings.. wonder if there is something out there for android as well, now that's a platform i would like to sink my teeth into.. sigh

Still searching for my open source project of choice though.. will post progress on that too

Currently downloading visual studio 2010, will play around with that and post first impressions on that as well..

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