Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ten pointers for I.T managers

Having worked in several I.T companies where I managed and was managed by good, bad and ugly managers. I just thought I would put together a short list of pointers to remind myself a few do's and don't s of I.T management.
This list is by no means exhaustive and I will add to it as I remember more.
While the title refers to I.T, I believe the pointers below can apply to any creative sector.

  1. I.T professionals are a resource not slaves or students
  2. Endeavor to encourage rather than instruct. It is better for a person to decide himself that he wants to do a certain thing rather than be instructed to do it, he does it with gusto
  3. Team effort all the way, "we" rather then "you", "us" rather than "I"
  4. Staff should be responsible for thier performance, while being given periodic reviews to judge how they are doing.
  5. A sense of belonging, of being part of something great helps build staff moral, good staff moral in turn encourages staff loyalty, productivity and descipline
  6. Staff trainings are good, they show you are concerned about building staff career.
  7. Encourage attempts, praise good attempts, Reward excellence
  8. Discourage a bad and unprofessional attitude to work, unprofessional in this case refers to lateness, low productivity, bad social skills, lack of team team work and spirit, reluctance to self improve. 
  9. Good language, a good attitude, staff loyalty should be imbibed in staff and office culture 
  10. Carry staff along with key decisions that affect them and get feedback on what they think.

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Friday, 1 October 2010

Adopting a mountain climber mentality

What’s a mountain climber mentality in the first place?
when climbing a mountain you first have to decide on what mountain you have to climb, carefully plan the climb and then begin the task, when climbing you have to stay lean, carry less luggage, invest in physical and mental health rather than material possessions, needs rather than wants.
At milestones its ok for you to celebrate how far you have come, have a rest and get yourself a treat but it’s important to be careful not to get complacent and settle there, the climb has to continue! You have to keep your eyes on the prize which is to get to the top, because when you get to the top it will be totally worth it.
After the climb what next? Well, find another mountain, if you keep at it long enough you will one day look back and find that you have become a great man, an achiever.

In real life this means..?
Setting life goal(s), planning how to achieve them and then striving to achieve it, it means constantly investing in your health, education, business and career, keeping a lean budget, few important luxuries but many more targeted and well planned expenditures, investments for needs now and in the future.
Keep at it over and over again and then one day you will look back and find that you have achieved so much over the years, you have amassed wealth, kept good health, have truly become great and achieved more than you could ever have dreamed you would achieve.

Advantages of a mountain climber mentality

  • A mountain climber mentality helps you to be disciplined in your spending, because you are forced to think carefully of the benefits of any expenditure before making it.
  • A mountain climber mentality helps gives your a direction, a focus
  • A mountain climber mentality helps you to get richer because as you achieve more, you earn more.
  • A mountain climber mentality helps rise above your peers because your focus is not to compete with your peers but to achieve goals you have set for yourself.
  • A mountain climber mentality helps you to become wealthier because the returns from investments will always be giving back.
  • A mountain climber mentality helps you to be wise because when your others are wasting time and money extravagantly you are focused on achieving more and more
  • A mountain climber mentality helps you to stay sharp and make good use of your time, because you need to constantly think of ways to achieve your goals
Yeah, yeah I know my writing above is not exactly technical, but I believe a more focused, physically and mentally healthy pro is a better I.T pro.

p.s Happy independence Nigeria!!