Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ten pointers for I.T managers

Having worked in several I.T companies where I managed and was managed by good, bad and ugly managers. I just thought I would put together a short list of pointers to remind myself a few do's and don't s of I.T management.
This list is by no means exhaustive and I will add to it as I remember more.
While the title refers to I.T, I believe the pointers below can apply to any creative sector.

  1. I.T professionals are a resource not slaves or students
  2. Endeavor to encourage rather than instruct. It is better for a person to decide himself that he wants to do a certain thing rather than be instructed to do it, he does it with gusto
  3. Team effort all the way, "we" rather then "you", "us" rather than "I"
  4. Staff should be responsible for thier performance, while being given periodic reviews to judge how they are doing.
  5. A sense of belonging, of being part of something great helps build staff moral, good staff moral in turn encourages staff loyalty, productivity and descipline
  6. Staff trainings are good, they show you are concerned about building staff career.
  7. Encourage attempts, praise good attempts, Reward excellence
  8. Discourage a bad and unprofessional attitude to work, unprofessional in this case refers to lateness, low productivity, bad social skills, lack of team team work and spirit, reluctance to self improve. 
  9. Good language, a good attitude, staff loyalty should be imbibed in staff and office culture 
  10. Carry staff along with key decisions that affect them and get feedback on what they think.


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