Monday, 10 May 2010

Apple losing its cool factor with techies?

According to Jason Hiner of tech republic's article, Apple might be falling out of favor with techies based on  "The company’s stubborn refusal to support Adobe Flash (which wins props with some IT pros but breaks a lot of Web sites), its draconian and ambiguous review policy for the App Store, and it’s strong-arm legal tactics with HTC and Gizmodo" (u know the incident where an apple engineer forgot an iPhone prototype in a bar, was found by some guy, who sold it to a gizmodo columnist, who was later arrested and his house ransacked by police because he posted the pictures of the phone online.. phew, mouthful.).

As for me say, its about time!! they've had it coming for a long long time. I will be the first to admit that apple's products are really really cool and very well built but I have always had a problem with the way they do their business, releasing Iphones officially in only select markets,  heavy screening of iphone apps for the appstore, c'mon!!

They seriously need to think very carefully about where they intend to be in the next couple of years and how they intend to get there, the path they are currently on is the dark path, they have been warned...


  1. what? C'mon you've got to admit Apple needs to rethink some of their strategies

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